Best Camping Hammocks: The Ultimate Guide For Choosing Them

Welcome my friends. I see you’re on the hunt for the best camping hammocks. Well. You’re in luck because I’ve just put together a little guide for you to follow.

A camping hammock?! But, but what about tents?! No! They’re bulky, heavy and they suck... and you already know that!

I’ve looked at dozens of hammocks while cycling and camping. Some of them are crap, and some of them are excellent. If you’re in a hurry, check out Hennessy's Hammock Explorer. It’s my personal favourite because it’s filled with additional features.

Right, let’s get going. The (suspense)-ion is killing me… See what I did there... Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Camping Hammock Reviews Comparison Chart

Top Rated Camping Hammocks

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro 

Crikey! Right off the bat, we've got ourselves a bloody corker.

The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro sets the bar high. A brilliant barricade between you and everybody's least favourite friend (no, not your Uncle Barry). The mosquito.

How does it do this I hear you ask...

Well. It's not once, not twice, but THRICE stitched. Ooooooo. 

I'm not sure if many mozzies are persistent after a second lot of stitches, but it all adds to the durability of the hammock.

To further add to its barrier it comes with a "No-See-Um"​ mosquito netting that hangs overhead but away from your face. You can quietly sip on your pint of rum as you slip into a deep, warm slumber... perfect!

Don't forget you'll awaken 30mins later to be violently sick. A pint of rum? What's wrong with you!

Anyway, that's enough of me, let's see what the specs are on this badboy.

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  • Weight limit - 400lbs
  • Weight - 1.6lbs (No tarp)
  • Pack Size - 10'6 x 5'
  • Height Limit 

I’d say the Skeeter Beeter Pro is excellent for people looking at a high quality entry level hammock. It’s your traditional shape, but it’s big enough for a larger person to fit inside. (I'm 6ft 2", around 200lbs, and fits me well).

There’s no additional tarp with this hammock. So if you’re in need of one you’ll have to make a purchase separately.


There's one thing I don't like about this hammock. There are pockets on the inside that are the most pointless things I've ever seen in my life.

Anything you place in there will fall out. You'll have to put any valuables you don't want squashed on the outside the hammock​.

Other than that, I'm a genuine fan of this and think it would suit a lot of peoples needs. It's far from the lightest or the warmest, but it's an excellent entry level bit of kit.

What Are Buyers Saying About This Hammock?

First up is a review by "K" - Well, I'm pretty sure that's not their real name! But let's see what they thought!

"The included suspension paracord that is included is wholly inadequate. It is way too short and I don't trust it not to break. I would suggest getting some tree straps or slings at the same time as you order the hammock. I bought Kammok Python straps.

They are great, but overpriced, you can find something just as good more reasonably priced with a quick search."

This is a valid point and something that all cheaper hammocks suffer with. For some reason they all come with appalling suspension chords. If you want to sleep with any confidence you'll need to upgrade these ASAP (I've suggest some decent straps further down the page).

"The net can be somewhat annoying to deal with at times.

I would say go for it if you really need the net. If you're getting this one and don't think you'll need the net that often, I'd buy a separate net."​

Bit a low blow. Going straight for the jugular with the hammocks biggest USP! I'm not sure if this reviewer was aware but the hammocks made so you can actually flip it over and sleep on its underside if you don't need the netting.

Check What Other Amazon Customers Thought Of This Hammock 

Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Series 

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

Not only is the Hennessy the name of Biggie Smalls preferred booze, it's also one of my top rated hammocks. 


(I hope you're getting these references or I'm probably starting to look pretttty weirrrd).

So, why's the Hennessy in the top spot?

Well, it comes with it's patented "easy enter, easy exit" design. So you can wave goodbye to any slapstick comedy sketches ​with this hammock.

You can kick back and relax. Happy in the knowledge you'll not appear in any shit "you've been framed" videos any time soon. ​

Other than that it comes with everything you'd want to see on a top class backpacking camping hammock, including a tarp (unlike the Beater Skeeter). 

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  • Weight Limit - 300lbs
  • Weight - 3.9lbs
  • Pack Size: 5" x 8" x 12"
  • Height Limit 7ft

There’s a few variations of the Hennessy available which can get a little confusing when looking at maximum weight capacity. Basically, the more expensive Explorer Deluxe (listed here) can take up to 50lbs more weight and is 1ft longer than the Exhibition.

The materials are the same. So if the measurements of the Exhibition are all you need then go for that. It's cheaper. 

The added features and durability of these hammock come at a cost. Not only is it expensive. It's weight is comparible to that of a lightweight backpacking tent. Although the rainfly can be ditched when the weather is nicer.

For me, it's a close call between this and the Beeter Sketter, but the Hennessy takes the win. Overall the Hennessy just comes with more features and if you're alright with the extra weight it's the better option. 

What Are Buyers Saying About This Hammock?

Jackie McBride Says: 

"I love this hammock. The only downside is it is slightly confusing to set up​"

Sound point. It's much better to set it up for the first time on a sunny day in your backgarden, then in a drizzly forest with nightfall fast approaching.

Eric Says: 

"Comfort in the hammock is absolutely exceptional. Last summer, when staying at our family cottage, I stayed in the hammock in the front yard instead of sleeping in a bed in the cottage -- for a month. It is that comfortable. Again, after arranging yourself slightly diagonally, you are almost flat. Extremely comfortable"

Endorsement indeed! I can't say I find a hammock more comfortable than my own bed! But each to their own, I guess he found the hammocks sweet spot. Or the cottage he stayed in was horrible!

Check What Other Amazon Customers Thought Of This Hammock

Ultralight Hammock Camping

Ultralights are a great choice if you're looking to use them during the day or on a summer trip.

They're known to be less comfortable. But if you’re camping on a warm evening occasionally then an Ultralight will most likely be all you need.

Hummingbird Ultralight Hammocks

Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Hammock

If light is what you're after then you won't get much lighter than the Hummingbird S Plus

But remember that it's the bare bones so make sure it's warm enough to sleep out in the open. (I've got a keep warm checklist below).

The Hummingbird brand was designed by an FAA certified parachute rigger, so they know what they’re on about. 

There are three types of Hummingbird Hammocks available and I've listed their specifications below:





Weight Limit








Pack Size




Height Limit

8.8ft x 3.11ft

9.8ft x 5.5ft

9.8ft x 7.1ft

Good chart ay!

Interestingly, they are incredibly strong for their weight. But keep in mind that no tarp or bug net is provided. 

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What Other People Think About This Hammock

When my hammock arrived I was a little sad because the carabiners seemed to be falling apart a little and even though they worked I was worried about the longevity.

I emailed Hummingbird Hammocks and they replied within the hour with the most impressive email I've ever received from a company.

The person who talked to me said they stand behind their product and take great pride in what they make and that I must've gotten a defective part which can happen though very rare.

I felt it was important to include this review because customer service is a huge and often overlooked aspect of a product. You can tell here that the company really cares about giving great support. 

If their hammocks are anything like the service they provide then you know they'll be of a high quality.

Because the material is so light, you are trading a bit of insulation for the light weight. This is not a concern to me at all but might be for some. I use a blanket and I took this thing camping and slept outside all night with a blanket on top of a mountain.

Another fair point. You can't have a hammock as light as this without sacrificing other aspects. If you know you'll be in areas where warmth is important to you then you'll want to choose something else. 

Check What Other Amazon Customers Thought Of This Hammock

Grand Trunk Nano 7 

Grand Trunk Nano 7 Hammock

At just over 200g it’s good competition for the Hummingbird. It packs down light and comes with bent wire carabiners the make it easy to attach to tree traps.

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What Other People Think About This Hammock

Bronson says:

​On one hand the hammock is a superb, high-quality product. On the other hand, the hammock is very difficult to sleep in because of its smaller dimensions.

This seems to be a common complaint with Ultralights. When trying to save as much weight as possible they'll often make them smaller. 

Check What Other Amazon Customers Thought Of This Hammock

Winter Hammock Camping

When thinking of winter one of the last things to come to mind is hammock camping! But it's possible if you prepare properly. 

First of all you'll need a 4-seasons camping hammock

NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock. 

Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock

Admitedly the NX-270 looks more like a spaceship than a camping hammock.

But, if you're looking for something to brave the elements then it's a great option. 

Check Amazon To See Current Pricing And Availability

If you were ever on the look out for the best of both worlds then this hammock/tent would come pretty close.

Check What Other Amazon Customers Thought Of This Hammock​

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

If I had choose between the NX-270 and this. This would win. It’s the ultimate hybrid tent-hammock that’s been rated by top publications such as Backpacker and Outside. It also received the prestigious 2015 Gear Of The Year Award by 50 Campfires.

The awards given are not without good reason.

It’s design gives it the ability to be suspended as a hammock or on the ground as a tent. This greatly increases it’s camping terrain options that are often limited by one or the other.

The spreader bar and arch pole system keeps the hammock flat and taught. This stops the sometimes uncomfortable banana effect created by normal hammocks.

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A Review Of The Hammocks Listed Above.

Camping Hammock Buyers Guide. ​

One of the first things you want to ask yourself before purchasing a camping hammock is what type of camping are you going to be doing? There are three types you can choose from depending on how you're going to use them. 

  • Camping: Very comfortable and ideal for fair to poor weather conditions
  • Ultralight: designed to be used for fast and lightweight hiking/cycling trips. When you cut weight you'll usually loose comfort
  • Winter: Full blown exhibition hammocks that are made with high end materials for extreme weather conditions. They're heavy and bulky.

Weight Of The Hammock And It's Max Capacity 

You should always consider your own weight and the maximum wight capacity of the hammock. 

Adding too much weight to the hammock will reduce it’s lifespan and could result with you landing on the floor.

You should also consider the weight of the hammock. 

If you're camping in the summer you'd consider an ultralight and if you're camping in the winter you'll be miserable unless you're in something nicely insulated.

These hammocks are at opposite ends of the weight spectrum and are used for different purposes. 

Make sure you know why you're getting yours. 

Suspension Systems Used

There are different suspension system available and the most common combination is the use of straps and carabiners. The systems that the hammock come with suck, so make sure you upgrade before heading to the mountains.

As a general rule of thumb the longer the straps and the more attachment points it has, the better. This'll give you flexibility to work around trees of different shapes and sizes.

You’ll also want to use straps that are tree-friendly. Tree-friendly straps are usually 0.75”+, flat and made from nylon and polyester

Duraibility - What Are Hammocks Made Of?

You cant't compromise on the construction and the use of quality materials in a hammock. You'll end up spending more in the long run. Or worse. You could have a catastrophic failure in the night and end up next to those peasants in tents!

Most hammocks available are made from two different materials. Either Cotton or Nylon.

Cotton Hammock:  These can be made into nicer designs due to its wave. Howver, they’re bigger, heavier and sock up water easily. They perform terribly in the wet as they hold water and dry very slowly. Don't get this type of material is you plan on going on a extended trip.

Nylon Hammock: These are what you want for camping trips. They’re lighter, not as bulky and nylon repels the water. Everything you could ask for from a hammock on a camping trip!

Hammock Camping Gear

Keeping Warm In Your Hammock

Hammock camping can quickly get very cold, even in summer. So I've here's my guide for keeping warm on colder nights. 

1) Location. Location. Location (English TV reference - Love you Phil!)

Unless you're a kite the wind will not be your friend. When choosing your camping spot be on the look out for any dense forest, or perhaps a big rock to act as a wind break.

2) Bring Your Mummy

Unless you have a very special relationship with your Mummy (Mom), it's OK to leave her behind.

You can now get mummy style sleeping bags that'll keep you warm down to 15F or less. I wont talk about them too much as I’ve written an incredible guide on sleeping bags you can read here.

Although I will give you a top tip:​

Make sure you chuck all unworn clothes in your sleeping bag. It takes up dead air space and it's no fun trying to de-ice your socks in the morning!

3) Get A Pillow

Not only will having a pillow be far comfier than without. You'll be adding another layer between you and the cold hammock fabric. 

4) Trap In That Hot Air​

Tighten up that tarp. Trapping the heat around your body is essential. When things turn really nasty you want to get a tarp involved as well. (more on tarps below) 

5) Get A Sleeping Pad.

When you’re in your hammock the weight of your body will compress your sleeping bag and reduce it’s ability to keep you warm. Partially blow up a sleeping pad and sleep underneath it.

6) Get Your Top Covered 

Whether your're in an Ultralight or Winter hammock a top quilt will do wonders. It's just like a bed quilt. Open it up and lay it over the top of you for yet another layer. 

7) Boil A Hot Water Bottle

Yep! boil up some water and pour it into your flask before you go to bed. Wrap it in a few socks and stick it in your sleeping bag. 

8) Sometimes You've Got To Admit Defeat. 

I know it's hard but sometimes you've just got to konw when to say 'when'. If you find that you're being kept awake by own teeth chattering instead of the wildlife.. It's time to call it a day!

Re-asses. Upgrade your gear and come at it again!

Best Two Person Camping Hammock 

So I've done a bit of research, scoped out the products and come to the conclusion that a ​two person hammock is just simply not a good idea. You can easily sit or lye next to each other in a bigger hammock, but sleeping is different.

No matter how wide the hammock is you'll end up rolling on top of one another... Unless that's what you want, but that's a story for a different website!

What most people do is get two hammocks and hang them either side of a tree. This way they can sleep together without crowding each other out. Click here and here to see some examples. 

If you're certain that you'll be alright in a double hammock then Eagles Nest Outfitters [ENO] - Double Hammock is a popular choice. Although like I said before, most people don't enjoy being scrunched together. 

But wait, that's not all. 

.... no.. no I'm not sure if I should tell you about it...

Oh go on I will!

There's something called the Clark Vertex 2-Person Double Hammock, and it's something special.

But be warned. It's not cheap.​ Two hammocks tied to a tree works just as well.

two person camping hammock with mosquito net

Hammock Camping Without Trees

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's the incredibly rare treeless hammock. Careful, you'll frighten it.


These are clearly no good what so ever if you're backpacking, hiking or bicycle touring!

But if you're camping out in your garden of an evening with a glass of wine, they're alright!

The Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel S is a popular choice that comes in an array of colours for you to choose from. 

This is the one I'd got for if I wanted to do a bit of garden camping. You don't have to worry about weight and size as it's just a big old bit of hanging material for you to flop into.

Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel S

If you have a hammock already you just buy the frame separately.

Or if you wanted something more perminant you could take a trip to your local DIY store and purchase two 8ft 4x4 wooden posts, a bag of cement and two eye bolts. 

Fixing these into your back garden would give you a long lasting and solution to somewhere without trees. Although it would take far more effort on your behalf.

Car Hammock Camping

Car Hammock Camping? Ummm... What? I know, that's what I thought, but it's a thing. 

And the ultimate guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning it. I travel around on my bicycle so have no need of a car hammock but I think they’re a cool idea.

I’ve spent many nights sleeping in my car after a classic night on the beer when I was younger. It was always shit nights sleep!

Waking up in the morning with a wonky neck, and mouth like an ashtray was most Sundays, but waking up to that in a car is a great way to feel like you’re really hit rock bottom...

But not if I had access to a car hammock!

You can pick one up pretty cheaply and it would be nice to use if you were going somewhere where the weather is too bad to sleep inside

Aside from my boozer story they’d be good for someone who was on an extended road trip. Who said you need a $$$$ VW Camper when you can strap some fabric to your Fiesta!

I had a look online but struggled to find any car hammock options available other than this one.

There are however, absoletuly loads of dog hammocks available. If you were buying one as gift you could just get them one of those instead. They'd never know ;)​

car hammock for people

Best Camping Hammock Brands​

There are several popular hammock brands on the market that come highly recommend. Here I’ll go through the top four brands.


ENO hammocks are great for people on a budget because most of the extras such as rainflys and bug nets are sold separately.

You can either buy everything at once or you can start with the essentials and add more if you need to.

However, they’re normally heavy for backpackers and touring cyclists in comparison to other brands


Hennessy is up near the top as well. It’s often compared to ENO and people have strong opinions about one or the other.

They’re more expensive than ENO’s but that’s because they come with all the accessories.

They don’t hold as much weight as ENO hammocks and they’re smaller.

However, they come with built in bug nets and innovative designs such as allowing you to get in from the bottom!

Grand Trunk​

Grand Trunk is another great hammock brand to purchase your hammock from. There are several different models to choose from so make sure you check what’s included.

Models come with varying set-ups so you might need to purchase aftermarket accessories t


Hummingbird hammocks are known for making excellent daytime hammocks. You could use them as a camping hammock if you wanted to, but people seem to stick to ENO or Hennessy.

Hummingbird uses high quality materials but are unable to provide the overall protection from the elements that other hammock brands are able to offer

Accessories And Essentials

Best Hammock Tarp

You would of noticed that not all hammocks come with tarps. This is great because not every trip requires you to be covered up in this way. And buying seperatley allows you to mix and match more than buying everything in one go.

There are a few things you should consider before buying the best hammock cover for you.

Some people like to have their tarps covering everything up. While others prefer them how I like my swimming trunks. Skimpy.

There’s no right or wrong types and your choice will depend on many factors. Like weight, coverage, versatility, and durability.

There are a tarps designed specifically for hammocks but almost any type will be fine.

If you’re looking for maximum coverage from the elements then you’ll want to look out for winter tarps. Winter tarps will have extra flaps that can be folded inwards to close you in.

An added bonus of large tarps is the extra modesty you get for changing, and being enclosed can sometimes help with the mental battle of feeling “safe”.

However the downside to the extra size is that you’ll need a much bigger space when pitching it so this will restrict where you’re able to sleep.

As well as all that large tarps are heavier and bulkier. It’s all tradeoffs so you’ll need to decide what’s more important for your upcoming trip.

If you’re not off into arctic conditions then a moderate tarp will likely to the job. Just keep in mind things like sizing as it’s much harder to keep dry under a small tarp then a big one.

Best Size Tarp For Hammock Camping

No matter what type of tarp you end up going for you’ll want to choose something that extends between 15 - 30cm over each ends of your hammock.

A key thing to remember is that a hammock sags when it’s hung up. So a 3meter long hammock will have a maximum length of just over 2.4meters

Best Hammock Straps ​

The majority of hammocks come without straps. This means you’ll have to buy them separately unless you know how to hang a hammock with rope.

It’s highly likely that you’ll come across hammocks that provide straps but these are too low quality to do anything with. You'll end up saving yourself lots of hassell in the long run by buying a decent pair at the start.

There are two types of suspensen types to choose from - Straps and Whoopie Slings.


These are my personal go to as I’m useless at anything practical. You simply clip it to the hammock and wrap it around the tree. Quick and easy.

The Atlas straps are my personal favourite as they're strong , durable and very convienent. They are 9ft long that come with over 30 different adjustment points.

The straps weigh 11oz and can hold weight up to 400lbs

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - Atlas Hammock Suspension System

Whoopee Slings

These are a little more complicated than straps so I don’t use them, but they’re far more adjustable and lighter than straps. They don’t take a great deal to work out, it’s just that straps are my preference.

The Hummingbird Ultralight Whoopie Slings Straps are my lesser preferred design.

Although they’re some of the lightest suspension slings you’ll come across 

They’re easy to adjust, can be st up quickly and will hold about 400lb in weight. Each strap is 8.3ft long and their combined weight is 2.1oz

Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Tree Strap, Tan

How To Hang A Hammock

Being a top notch adventurer I left my hammock hanging instructions at home when I first got it. Needless to say I returned 20mins later to pick them up!

Luckily it’s the same procedure whether you’re hanging it between trees or on your bacony so oner you’ve mastered it you can do it anywhere.

A breakdown of what you need to consider when hanging your hammock are listed below:

  • Distance between the two objects.
  • The distance between the two ends of the hammock
  • How high off the ground the hammock sits
  • The amount of forces being applied to the hammock

This is an incredibly simplified version of a much more detailed guide found here. It looks complicated but once you’ve set it up a few times you’ll be able to eye ball it rest of the time.

How Do You Get In A Hammock?

With all this talk about the best, we've not spoken about how to get in one! ​

After years of the run and launch myself into to the hammock approach which was rarely a success I decided to follow this guide.

  • Gently sit back into the hammock and let it level out.
  • Swing your legs up and stretch them out. 
  • Lie back and relax - Only to suddenly remember you've left your beer jussst out of reach 

​Easy! I Don't know what I was thinking before! 

Is Hammock Camping Safe​?

When I talk about safety I'm talking about creepy things!​

This is something that concerned me when I first began hammock camping. Everything was coming to get me past 9pm and being more out in the open scared me!

While 99% of it is in my head it doesn't help to be prepared for the fast approaching zombie appololpse (and the odd animal after your food). So here are a few tips to make sure you're left alone at night. 

Keep your food away from your camp

This is a great rule to follow hammock or tent. Don't sleep with  your food. No matter how much you like giving your sausage a cuddle, waking up face to face with a grizzly is a great way to put an end to your camping trip.

Make sure that all your food is kept at least 100 feet away from your camp. Or when I'm feeling espeically like an adventurer I like to give the Bear Swing a go. 

If you're anything as shocking at this as I am you'll need about 30mins to actually get the rope over a branch! 

You're obvioulsy suspended in a hammock which means you're protected from more weasly animals like squirrels or snakes. 

If you're confident in the strength of your hammock (you'll be Ok with the ones I've suggested) then you can hang it up pretty high. As long as you're able to get in and out then the skies the limit 😉

Pick A Camp That's Away From Animal Activity

It's tempting to pitch your camp next to postcard lakes but it's probably wiser to pitch it a little further away from the waters edge. 

Who knows what kind of activitiy could go on there at night. Animals or otherwise!

Keep an eye out for game trails as well.

It may just look like a little train of dirt that has less vegataiont than the surrounding soil. They’re often frequented by animals and the hunters that hunt them.

You’ll want to make sure you don’t set your hammock across one of them and eaten or shot. Both of those things are rubbish to have happen to you on a camping trip

camping hammock reviews

Are Hammocks Bad For Your Back?

My back is good. But everyone is different. I was looking around a few forums and stuggled to find anyone with who had a bad experience with them.

I tried to find guys with opposing opinions but couldn't find any. I guess they're too busy trying to fix their bad backs than boast about how supple they now are. 

But, we're all different so my advice would be to simply try one out and see how it goes.

Hammock Camping Vs Tent

​Oh my.. Oh my, my. Did I just see that horrible four letter word written on my gloriouss hammock article?! Write that again and you'll be called another four letter word in a minute. 

I jest!

It's a legit question and one that centres lots of debates.

It’s easy to think that swapping your tent for a hammock is like downgrading (I know I did). But it’s not. Not for me at least anyway. I’ve found it far more comfortable and easier to set up.

It feels more ‘open’ And I used to have a hard time convincing myself not to be scared of stuff in the dark. But once I got over that it was all good, and now I like the open air feel it gives!

But there’s a catch!

If you find yourself on a nice beach or above a tree line, then a hammock will be no good to you. And unless you’ve got a xxxx it’s sometimes difficult to find trees that are spaced out properly.

However, I’ve encountered numerous occasions where I’m camping on rocky ground, steep slopes or wet earth. And now that I think about it. Dense forest can make it incredibly difficult to set up a tent as well.

Ahhh. I’m more of a hammock guy but if tents your style then go for it. 

hammock gear loft

How To Make A Hammock​

You know what, I wasn’t originally going to put this in. But then I thought hey “this is the ultimate guide” so why not throw it in here for good measure.

Good measure you say. What an excellent paragraph link. You’ll be doing lots of measuring indeed.

Here's an absolutely rubbish video by Quince Captain Home but I like her accent and how uncomfortable she looks at the end makes me laugh. 

For some really good videos on how to make a hammock click here and here instead!

​Banana Hammocks

And last but not least it's banana hammocks....


Just kidding.. That's next weeks article...

Right. I've gone weird again so I think we'll call it a day here. Get your​self a hammock. Or don't. It's up to you.

To the pub! 

Cover photo credit Gfreimann - wiki commons

Ultralight Single Hammock Size Comparison

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