Direct Flights To Bangkok From US: Do They Do Them Anymore?!

If you're in a rush, the short answer is as of March 2017 - No. You're unable to get any direct flights to Bangkok from US.

However, this could all change in 2017/18. Check Skyscanner to see if they've made the flight path available yet. 

Why Did Staight Flights Stop?

A few years ago Thai Airways used to fly nonstop from Bangkok to New York and Los Angeles using their Airbus A340 - 500 aircraft, but they cut those routes in 2012. They did this due to the amount of money the airline was losing on the routes.

This was because the A340 - 500 was a gas gobbler, plus there was generally low interest on flights from the US to Thailand.

Furthermore, Thai Airways weren't actually allowed in the US until recently. They scored poorly in a safety audited causing the FAA to downgrade Thailand to Category II - meaning that can’t fly to the US (ouch).

​BUT. American Expats, Rejoice! 

Thai Airways Wants To Bring Back Non-Stop Flights

After years of no non-stop flights, it looks like Thai Airways are fixing their safety issue and wants to restart flights again. (According to Thai Airways president Charamporn Jotikasthira).

For a little more information check out this article - I've taken a little snippet from the post and added it below: 

THAI targets non-stop trips to San Francisco or Seattle with easy transfer to other destinations (no other carriers offer this service) once flights are resumed to US.

Non-stop flights would be offered on the routes, which is a major selling point as no other carriers offer this service.

The opening of the new route to the US would come when THAI receives two new Boeing aircraft next year.

In the past, THAI operated journeys to the US with a stop in either Japan or South Korea.

San Francisco or Seattle will be their most likely gateways. They’ll be taking a delivery of some Boeing 787-9 aircraft next year, so I would imagine that’s the plane that they intend on using for the route.

Seattle And San Francisco Are Both Good Ideas:

Seattle is the closest US gateway that they could operate nonstop. However, it’s not a Star Alliance hub, so there would not be as many options for connecting passengers.

San Francisco is 500 miles further away meaning it would be more expensive to operate. Although it would make more sense to operate from here as it’s a United hub.

Wrapping It Up

Thai Airways is seriously considering launching trips to the US again. If they do if looks like San Francisco is the most logical choice.

It’s important to note that quite a bit will have to happen before the flight path becomes available - so I suspect it’ll be around 2018 before it’s launched (if at all).

It would be great to see direct trips to Bangkok from the US. It would make transit between the two countries far, far easier! 

Fingers crossed!​

Also, check out the video by AlishaMariaVlog if you want to see some pre-Thailand excitement!

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