Last Minute Flights To Anywhere: 6 Ways To Find The Best Deals

In the world of super cheap airlines is it possible to find last minute flights to anywhere? Yes, yes it is! 

You just need to be armed with a little know-how!

In this guide, I'll be showing you when and where to look to bag some juicy last min deals. 

Let's dive in!

If you're in a rush - The methods I use are though Sky Scanner. But there are lots of other ways to find deals - So read on.

1) Don't Bother With "Traditional" Methods

Go ask your grandparents how they got bargain-bin flights back in the day. They'll probably describe how they went to the airport and requested a standby ticket... 

It's a nice idea, but it doesn't work like that so much anymore. With so many people traveling by air the majority of flights sell out.

And the only way you'll get that golden standby ticket is if: 

  • You’ve got connections inside the airline - It’s not what you know etc… but even with insider knowledge you should be prepared to wait it out a little.
  • If you’ve already got a full price ticket, but you decide you want to go on an earlier flight. (kind of takes the shine away from getting a last min deal). 
  • If you miss your own flight and want to get another one (same as above)!

2) You Could Become An Air Courrier

10/15 years before 2017 becoming an air courier was a popular choice for travelers on a budget - Sadly, there’s only a handful of airlines that’ll offer this service anymore.

Previously it could take up to two weeks for a package to come through customs if it was unaccompanied by a person. So air couriers were hired to resolve this problem.

But in today's world, companies like UPS have done deals with airports and no longer rely on couriers.

There are still a few routes which operate in this way, but it’s a super competitive industry.

And besides, I can't help but have Columbian drug smuggling images pop into my head when thinking of doing this for a job!

3) Keep Those Eyes Peeled and Ears Open

You won't be the only traveler looking for some cheap deals. You can jump on what others are doing just by keeping watch.

Here are some top tips.

  • Use sites specifically designed for last min travel. I use Sky Scanner, but there's other stuff out there like Holiday Pirates (cool name so worth checking out). They'll give you the deal, but they'll also give you a detailed description of the offer.
  • Sign up to any airlines newsletter - This works really well for chartered flights as they've normally got a few spare seats to fill. Being a part of the newsletter will enable you to get the info before anyone else.
  • The best days to book your airfare is typically on a Tuesday or Wednesday. If you sign up to the airlines newsletter you'll get this information as soon as it's live. 
  • Follow your favorite airlines social media channels. Unlike most time on Facebook and Twitter - if you find yourself a bargain it'll be time well spent 😉
  • Look at holiday cancellations as well. A few holiday companies will give monster deals on their holidays if their customers are no longer able to travel.

​4) Be As Nimble As A Little Cat 

You've got to be flexible when looking for a last second mega deal. When choosing discounted flights you'll need to do even more than flying at rubbish times. Sometimes it means being flexible about your destination and where you fly from!

Incredibly spontaneous I know - But what's life without a little of that!

You could find yourself on an incredible beach you've never heard of before.... or you could end up in Cock Burn  - I have no idea what that place is like. But its name does it no favors!​

5) Sometimes It's Better To Book... Early!

With all this talk of booking at the last moment, it's easy to forget that sometimes the best deals are found if you take a look in advance.

A few airlines in the states will reward you for looking early. Or, if you know where you want to go you can book early, cancel if the price drops, and then buy the cheaper tickets.

Make sure you get refundable tickets if you're going to try this tactic though! 

6) Be Careful Of The Sneaky Airlines

When it comes to booking a flight, there are few things more annoying than having a shed load of extra fees added onto your deal.

The most popular way to catch people out is by charging you extra to check any luggage in. So before you pull the trigger and book a ticket make sure you know what's included.

And That's A Wrap!

So, there's we have it! There's my guide to finding the best deals at the last moment! Give it a go and see what kind of offers you can find.

If you're looking for even more tips check out this helpful video from The Melea Show


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