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How To Become A Bicycle Mechanic: My Top Tips

f you’re wondering how to become a bicycle mechanic, you’ve come to the right place. It can be one of the most fulfilling career choices around if you’re passionate about the sport. Your job as a mechanic will include becoming an expert in all things bicycles as you’ll be required to assemble, repair and test bikes on

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A Pinch Flat: What Is It And How Can You Avoid It?

This guide will talk about punctures, specifically a pinch flat puncture. Enjoy 🙂 Punctures are an annoying part of cycling. Luckily, there are certain things we can do to significantly reduce the risk of getting them. It’s often unknown that they occur in one of three ways. Either sharp objects pierce the tube from the outside. Sharp bits of rim penetrate

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Are Fixie Bikes Suitable For Commutes? Let’s Find Out

Back in the 80’s fixies were cool, but then hipsters came along with their silly haircuts and ruined everything. Putting this aside, are fixed gear bikes good for commuting? Let’s find out.  What Are Fixed Gear Bikes Good For? Related: How Long Does It Take To Bike 10 Miles: Use My Simple Calculation So let’s get this straight for a

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what was unusual about the penny farthing bicycle

What Was Unusual About The Penny Farthing Bicycle?

f I was to ask a Victorian what was unusual about the penny farthing bicycle, they’d probably look at me and wonder what the hell I was on about.  Back in the day balancing precariously on top a giant wheel was nothing but a normal, everyday occurrence. However, with the power of hindsight, we’re able to look back

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How To Use Bike Gears For Dummies

How to use bike gears for dummies. Enjoy.Oh dear lord. What are you doing Gary? I’ve told you a hundred times already. Twist the left up to go down. What is it that you don’t understand you clown. I really can’t make it any clearer.Sound familiar? All your mates thinking you’re a grade A wolly because

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