The 8 Top Fixies You’ll Come Across: A Buyers Guide

Looking for the best fixed gear bikes? You're in the right place!


Before we start, it's important to note that a fixie is like you, but a much cooler version.

So imagine yourself with a handlebar mustache, and you've got a fixie.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Me looking fresh

Fixies are some of the most fun bikes you'll ride, but they're often discounted as hipster rubbish....And.. sometimes they are.

But as long as you're not putting playing cards in the rims, you should be alright!  

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No Time To Read? No Problem. Here's My Top 8.

Bars: Bullhorns
Frame: Steel
Price: $$

Bars: Bullhorns
Frame: Steel
Price: $$

Bars: Straight Bars
Frame: Alloy + Steel Forks
Price: $

Bars: Straight Bars
Frame: Steel
Price: $

Bars: Riser
Frame: Steel
Price: $$$

Bars: Bullhorns
Frame: Steel
Price: $$

Bars: Dropbars
Frame: Steel
Price: $

Bars: Straight Bars
Frame: Steel
Price: $

What Is A Fixie? 

Here's a great video by Van Houtte, giving an intro to fixie bikes:

In A Nut Shell:

  • Normal bicycles have a freewheel incorporated into the back wheel, allowing the pedals to remain stationary whilst you're moving.
  • But a fixie has the cog bolted directly to the hub of the back wheel. This means the wheels only turn when you pedal.

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Why Do You Want That?

It gets rid of the extra weight added by cogs, shifters, and all the other stuff typically required. 

That means it's lighter weight with virtually no maintenance. It's awesome simplicity. 

If you're undecided check out this short video by Macaframa, and I guarantee you'll change your mind!

The Top 3 Fixie Bikes

Pure Cycles: Pure Fix 


Pure Cycles Pure Fix, is fundamentally a simple bike made for fun.

The bike has a high-tensile, fully Tig-welded steel frame built to last. 

This is great, as it means it’ll be able to put up with the abuse it gets with ease.

Flip-Flop Hub

The flip-flop rear wheel hub will allow you to change the bike from a single-speed to a fixed gear quickly. The ability to modify the hub is great if you decide that you’ve had enough of riding one style and fancy switching it up.


If you intend on using the bike as a proper fixie, you can quickly remove the front brake, leaving your bike being as light as it can be. There is no back break on this bike, so you’ll have the bonus of it looking simplistic and sleek.


The bike has deep-dish 50mm wheels. This offers you significant aerodynamic drag benefits over traditional rims, allowing you to go faster for the same effort. Or the same speed for less effort. Sounds good to me!

The wheels for this bike are not quick release; this could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

If you’re in a built-up city with the potential for high crime rates and theft, then having axle wheel fittings is much better. Thieves would have to carry a tool with them to take your wheels.

However, if you want to be able to take the wheels off quickly, perhaps to put it in the back of the car, then this would be a little more difficult.

You could easily purchase some quick release skewers, but this would obviously be at an extra cost to you.


This ride is incredibly easy to assemble, all you have to do is put on the front wheel, fix on the handle bar, and fix on the front break. After that, you’re ready to go.

Worth noting is that the bike comes with a manufacture’s warranty on frames, and a one-year manufacture’s warranty on components.

This is a great addition for peace of mind, but to activate the warranty professional assembly of the bike is required. So it might be best to have a qualified technician take a look at the bike before you hit the road.

Colour Choice

There’s also nearly 30 different color choices for this cycle, so hopefully you’ll be able to find a color combination that matches your tastes. You’re certainly unlikely to find too many people with the same color as you.


XSmall - 47cm
XXSmall - 43cm 
Small - 50cm 
Medium - 54cm 

Large - 58cm
XLarge - 61cm
XXLarge - 64cm

Check out my Bike Size Chart for information on correct bike sizing. 


  • Strong frame that's built to last
  • Able to switch bike from fixed-gear to single speed
  • Deep-dish rims for better aerodynamics
  • Lots of color choice 


  • Requires professional assembly to activate warranty
  • Comes with axle wheel fitting, not quick release. Would need a tool to take wheels off. Could be considered good or bad

Big Shot - Dublin

Flip-Flop Hub 

As with Pure Cycles Pure Fix, this bicycle comes with a flip-flop hub that allows you to ride it as either a single speed or a fixed gear bike, depending on the mood you’re in on the day of riding.

If you know you’re going to be in an area with lots of ups and downs; it might make sense to switch it to a single speed for the day to give your legs a rest.

Similarly, if you know you’re going to be doing lots of riding on the flats, then this is ideal for cruising along on your fixed wheel set up.


You don’t have to worry about stopping as unlike Pure Cycles Pure Fix, this ride has both a front and a rear break.

This could be a good or bad thing for you. If you’d like the bike to be minimalistic and intend on taking the breaks off anyway, then you’d be paying extra for something that you’re not going to use.

On the other hand, if you prefer a little extra stopping power, then this bicycle is the way to go.


This ride comes with 43mm deep V rims to help with keeping you aerodynamic. 43mm is not as much as Pure Cycles Pure Fix rims, which come in at 50mm, but they're deeper than your traditional road bike.

Bull Horn Handle Bars 

One of the things that stand this bike apart from others is the bullhorn handlebars.

These handlebars give you the opportunity of having two riding positions.

If you’re casually riding along, you can ride in the middle of the bars so that you’re comfortable and upright.

And if you want to get a little bit more aggressive, you can go up to the front of the bars. This is a great place to be if you're riding hard through the streets or grinding up hills.


Small - 52cm
Medium - 56cm 
Large - 60cm

Check out my Bike Size Chart for more information on correct bike sizing


  • Two brakes could be seen as good or bad
  • Bullhorns for varied riding positions 


  • Not as much choice in sizing
  • Only one choice of color

Critical Cycles: Harper 


The Harper from Critical Cycles is a premium hand-built steel track frame.

Meaning that this is a high-class frame, that’s well worth the money.

The wheels are 30mm deep V rims which are more than a traditional road bike, but less than both Pure Cycles Pure Fix and the Big Shot Dublin reviewed here.

You’ll still see some wind resistance benefits, but it might be a little less than the other two bikes.

This is something to consider if having deep rims is important to you. Not just for performance improvement, but from an aesthetic standpoint as well. Some people prefer the look of deep rims over shallow ones.

As with Pure Cycles Pure Fix, the bicycle does not come with quick release skewers, so these would have to be some additional accessories to buy if it’s a requirement of yours.

Rear Pannier Rack

A good thing about this bike is the possibility to mount a pannier rack at the rear.

The manufacturer has included rack mounts into the frame, so you can chuck all your stuff into your panniers and get going.

If I was after a low maintenance, lightweight commuter bike, this is a bike that I’d consider.


A great plus with this bike is that it includes all the tools you need for building and maintaining your bike.

This is an awesome addition to the bicycle for two reasons.

1) it means that you don’t have to spend money on tools, and 2), it means you don’t have to wait for a mechanic to set your bike up, you can get going on your own.


The frame also comes in 6 different color schemes, which is more than the Big Shot Dublin but not as much as Pure Cycles Pure Fix.

I think that the color combinations are varied and I could pick at least one, but you might disagree.


XSmall - 43cm 
Small - 49cm 
Medium - 53cm 
Large - 57cm 
XLarge - 61cm

Check out my Bike Size Chart for more information on correct bike sizing 


  • Comes with additional tools for you to set your bike up 
  • Two brakes could be seen as either good or bad


  • Rims not as deep as the other two bikes in this review 
  • Doesn't come with quick release skewers, could be regarded as either good or bad


Pure Cycles - Pure Fix

Pure Cycles Pure Fix is the winner.

It's straight bar handlebars for slipping through traffic, deep rims for speed, and durable frame makes it one of the top fixies around.