Best Fizik Saddle For A Road Bike: (Which One Takes The Win?)

Fizik cycle seat

There is, perhaps, nothing more important to a cyclist than the saddle on which they perch.

Fizik provides saddles that are amongst the best of the best. No cyclist wants a saddle too hard, or too soft for them, so which is the best Fizik saddle for a road bike?

Fizik cycle seat

If you're in a hurry then just go for the Fizik Arione. It's made specifically for speed. Perfect for short blasts on the road bike

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Carbon reinforced nylon

Carbon reinforced nylon

Dimensions (mm)

265 x 142

300 x 128

Weight (g)



Buyers Guide

Who should NOT buy some a Fizik saddle?

If you’re brand new to the biking world then I would not invest in any of the Fizik saddles just yet.

These are saddles that cyclists buy when they know what they want. As a new hobby, you're still trying to figure out if you will use your bike solely for commuting or if you are likely to take long road trips.

If you already know what you want out of biking then go ahead and take the investment.

The Arione and Aliante offer two unique saddles for two unique riding experiences. Hopefully, you will enjoy them as a great addition to your bike.

To learn how to set up your Fizik saddle properly check out the video below by the GCN. And click here to watch a video on how they're made.

Some Things To Look Out For

K:Ium rail

It took me a while to understand what made the K:lum rail special. Basically, it's a special type of alloy, one which Fizik likes to keep close to its chest, that when molded into their design a certain way, provides strength and quality with minimal weight.

No surprise when it's employed on a saddle created for speed.

It has the additional benefit of being finished off with a process that helps prevent corrosion.

It will withstand the rigors of the outdoors much better due to this process. The K:lum rail is Fizik's way of saying "we understand the world of cycling and its problems, we also have solutions."

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Wing Flex Technology

Often, when you buy a saddle it is with the understanding that it will take a while to adjust to it.

This process can be longer with bad designs or if you have previously used the same saddle for an extended period of time. Wing flex technology flips this expectation around.

The edges of the saddle are designed with flexibility in mind. The edges, where the thighs connect with the saddle, will adjust to the riders positioning rather than act as a resistant against the rider.

The result is both greater comfort and better speed as the cyclist can do exactly what he wishes to do without any worries.

Twin Flex Technology

Not to be confused with wing flex technology, the twin flex is about greater comfort across the entire seat, not just about rider leg positioning.

The twin flex technology creates two layers to a saddle. One is multi directional and made out of carbon fibre.

This is the top surface and gives the saddle its strength while acting as a loose boundary for the inner layer. The inner layer is bi-directional and designed to be much more flexible.

Combined together these two create a more comfortable ride. Of course, the design isn't cheap and is partly reflected in the saddle price.

Top Fizik Road Saddles Reviewed

Fizik Aliante Gamma 


Fizik, or the more correctly spelled, Fi’zi:k is a brand aimed at professional sports racers. This doesn’t mean they aren’t eagerly sought after by non professional racing enthusiasts, but they have an incredible reputation for supplying the very best.

While they don’t build bikes, they do provide shoes, saddles, and other technologies designed with one thing in mind - make a rider do what he/she wants to do, but better.

The Fizik Aliante saddle has a tradition of supporting the long distance cyclist. Those riders who want comfort, and not speed, for their long distance journeys. This provides ample padding and a wider berth.


  • Great padding
  • Durable


  • Does not allow for more aggressive positioning
  • Pricier than lower end brands

What did reviewers think?

After several months of riding, he still loves it and isn’t thinking of finding anything more comfortable. This is high praise for any saddle.

He points out the fact that he has experienced other Fizik rides before. This is important because it shows that he knows what he’s talking about and isn’t afraid to invest in something that he believes to be of good quality.

The one thing Stephan mentions which some other reviewers don’t is his ability to shift to the ‘nose’ of the saddle without too much discomfort. You should bear this in mind if it’s something you are looking for.


If the Fizik Aliante is made for endurance cycling over long distances, then Fizik makes the Arione for those on the opposite end of the scale. The Arione is all about the need for speed. They name it after the snake - for those who don’t know, Fizik often names their saddle styles after animals.

The snake implies something lean, quick and maneuverable. It's for those that want the proper positioning as they grind their way up a hill as fast as possible. It's for riders who want to tuck deep into the drop bars as they speed down the finishing slope.

In fact, the saddle is designed for the road bike and racer, not for the hybrids or mountain bikes going off road. This is no surprise considering how Fizik made their name.

It's also no surprise that this saddle would be popular amongst biking enthusiasts not afraid to splash out a little cash to secure every comfort and edge possible.

There are several version of the Arione saddle, but this one combines speed and flexibility. Do your research but if you want a saddle as streamlined as your bike, this might be it.


  • Employs wingflex technology for more flexibility
  • Built for speed


  • Not the lightest race saddle you will find (225g)
  • Price

What did reviewers think?

Larry also loved that he could move around on the saddle to find the best position as the riding experience changed. This is excellent news as it is what the saddle is designed for.

Lastly, Larry explains there’s no chafing, even on the longer journeys. This is more good news as it’s a sign the saddle fulfills its promises without negative side effects.

Alternative Solutions

Fizik Antares saddle

The Fizik Antares saddle bridges the gap between the two extremes provided by the Arione and Aliante. If neither of the two types of saddle mentioned fits your needs then this one may. From the top, it very much looks like the shape of a broad spear tip.

It's for the all rounders. The cyclists that aren't necessarily looking for every speed advantage but find the longer distance saddle a little too bullish. It's not much cheaper than the other though, so maybe find a friend who owns one if you've already paid for the Arione and Aliante but found them lacking.

The Fizik Volta

The Volta caters to a certain type of cyclist. If you're in love with an older memory of cycling, well, the Volta is designed to be reminiscent of the 1970's. The back fans out and to be honest, it's not every cyclist's cup of tea.

I would only go for this if you really have tried everything. It is much lighter than the older, more traditional saddles it is modelled after, but saddle design has come a long way since the 1970's for a reason. Still, if it's what you're used to who am I to tell you no?

Find Your Niche

The right saddle is all about knowing what your cycling niche is and how your body works. You would never skimp on running shoes, and unless you really do just take the bike out once every couple of weeks, you should never skimp on the saddle.

The Fizik brand is the best for a reason and once you know what you want out of cycling you should take the dive.

Image Credit Flickr Creative Commons - 7th Groove, Roland Tango