Dahon Jifo Uno Review: A Closer Look At This Great Folding Bike

Here's a Dahon Jifo Uno review. Enjoy! 🙂

Looking for a bicycle that's easy to transport and stable to ride?

It turns out that this isn't just wishful thinking!

In this guide i'll be taking a look at the biggest folding bike company around by putting the Dahon Jifo Uno through its paces 

Dahon Jifo Uno 

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Summary: The Dahon Jifo Uno is excellent for a commuter on the go, as it's one of the smallest folding bicycles you can buy. It's expensive, but for this, you get a pocket-sized foldable bike that's far stabler than you might think.

And the best part.

If you buy online, you get free shipping to any destination in the US or Canada! 

Wheel Size: 16"
Weight: 21lbs
Folded Size: 60 x 26 x 57cm 
Drivetrain: Single Speed 
Rider Height: 140-185cm 
Max Rider Weight: 100kg


  • Incredibly stable for a bicycle of its small size.
  • It can be unfolded in under 15 seconds once you get the hang of it.
  • It's one of the smallest folding cycles that you can buy. 


  • The front fender could be longer to help with poor weather conditions.
  • The frame will only fit people within the height range of 140 - 185cm.
  • Very expensive.

The Review

Who Should NOT Invest In Dahons Jifo Uno?

The first thing you need to ask yourself before getting a Jifo is what type of riding will you be doing?

  • The bike has just one gear which makes it simple and maintenance free. However, if you live in a hilly area, it would make more sense to get a bicycle with a wider range of speeds available.
  • Do not get this bike if you intend to go on rides longer than 10 miles as the seating position will become uncomfortable. 
  • Lastly, do not get this cycle for any off-roading. It's designed to be compact and would likely fall apart if you start shaking it around!
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Who SHOULD Invest In Dahons Jifo Uno?

  • If you commute and looking for a bike you can ride to the station and then take on the train... get this bike! It's one of the smallest folding bicycles you're likely to come across making it incredibly easy to transport.
  • If you're looking to go on holiday and want a ride to put in the back of the car, then the Jifo would be an excellent choice as well.

What Kind Of Ride Will The Jifo Give You? 

What's the real story?

This bicycle will never be as sturdy or as fast as a full sized bike. If this is what you're after, then take you take a look at some cheap road or hybrids options.


With regards to bikes that will fold, take a look to the right.

That is 60 x 26 x 57cm. I agree it's not quite pocket-sized, but it's not far off! 

It's also the lightest folding bike around at 9.4kg!

Part of the reason behind these impressive stats is because of the "Dalloy with Integrated Jiffold Vertical Hinge Technology frame".

Other than being compact and lightweight it means that it's fast to unfold. Similarly to a Brompton, the back wheel swings out from underneath it.

The weight, size and easy maintenance of the single speed gearing mean that it's perfect for your commute and takes no extra time to maintain.

The ease at which it unfolds and the lack of maintenance required means that everything about this bicycle is fast and hassle free.

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But that's not all.

Other Peoples Experiences With The Jifo.

There are not many reviews online which is why I've written this one, but here are a few comments from a forum discussion I found.

I was very skeptical when the bike arrived.... still skeptical after my first ride. However, surprised how good it actually rode, I had several folks try out my puke green one, and everybody ( including Bike dealers ) came back with a big smile.

This 16-inch folding bike design is for short, one to two-mile commutes to and from bus stops and train stations.

I had to think long and hard about this as the bike is so complete, but perhaps a slightly longer rear fender in case you get caught in the rain.

The comment suggesting that the bike is for shorter commutes is a valid one. I think if you were to go much further than 5 miles on this bike you would want to consider getting something that has the potential to go faster. 

I also like the comment about the people being surprised by how nicely it rode. For something so small it's surprisingly sturdy. People's skepticism is understandable, but it feels sturdy, nimble and fun!

But there's a catch.

Some Alternatives You Might Consider.

The Jifo is great, but there are lots of other folding bikes out there which may suit your needs better. You may need one that can handle more weight, is cheaper, or more gears. 

I've rounded up the some of the best alternatives for you below. 

  • Schwinn 20" Loop: Almost THREE times cheaper than a Dahon, but it's much bigger and much heavier. 
  • GTM 20" 6 Speed: This bike comes with 6-speeds and a bike rack! However, similarly to the Schwinn you sacrifice weight and size
  • EuroMini Campo 7-Speed: Another respectable bike that I would consider if I were unable to get a Dahon.

That's A Wrap.

Dahon is the biggest folding brand out there, so they know a thing about bikes.

If you can get past the price stamp, this will be the best folding bike you've ever bought. 

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