How To Make A Frame Bag: Feeling Creative?

The guide demonstrates how to make a frame bag. Enjoy 🙂

A frame bag is a super simple and practical piece of cycling gear. They’re a great place to store things that you need quick access to.

Essential stuff like your phone, medical kit, and ham sandwiches. With a little creativity, you can learn how to make a frame bag. All you need is a few materials and your nan’s sewing machine.

Let’s begin.


For an in-depth run through of how to make a frame bag check out the excellent video by Greenwater780 below.

What You’ll Need

  • Sewing Machine
  • Cutting Mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Straight edge ruler
  • 100% nylon thread
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Waterproof zipper pull
  • 1 and 2 inch Velcro
  • Cardboard
  • Pen
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric of your choice

The Process

The standard advice I can give you here is to – measure everything quickly.

Then, when you’ve finished cutting and nothing fits.

Call it all a load of rubbish and blame the ruler. Or, some say “measure twice, cut once.”

Poor advice if you ask me, but it’s up to you.

1. Make the template

  • ​Get your cardboard.
  • Trace the exact shape of the area you’d like to fill.
  • Once you have your cardboard cut, you can use it to sketch where you’d like the Velcro straps to go.

2. Cut The Fabric

  • Trace​ the cardboard onto your fabric leaving about an inch around the outside.
  • Leave a little more along the edge where the zip will be. This extra will disappear once the zip is sewn in.

3. Sew The Zipper Into A Panel

  • Make the zipper strip by finding your desired length and then cut it about 1.5″ too long.
  • Cut your triangle panel into two pieces where the zipper will be placed and sew in.
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4. Cut The Fabric That Will Attach The Two Panels

  • Measure and cut the total distance around the triangle panel. It should be about 50″-60″ long, and about 2″ wide.

5. Sew The Material Around The Outside

  • This bag is sewn inside out. So be careful when adding the straps between the panels.
  • I’d recommend marking on the inside of each triangle panel where the straps go
  • Another thing to consider is the way that the Velcro is facing.

6. Reveal

  • Make sure to check all of your stitches. Perhaps run over them a few times to make sure they’re strong​.
  • Finally, turn it the correct way out and repeat the whole process because you’ve done it wrong. Good luck!

Other Resources

Here’re a few other informative tutorials on how to make a frame bag.

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I can’t be bothered.

If, after all, that, you’ve decided that it would be easier to buy a frame bag, you’re in luck.Nowadays, there’s plenty of quality, cheap bags available. The Ibera Frame Bag is popular.

For a little more cash the guys below also produce some great stuff.

Bedrock Bags

Revelate Designs

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Crater Packs