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Learn How To Wheelie Your Bicycle In 7 Steps

Learning how to pop a wheelie on a road bike, is probably an essential life skill to learn as a kid. If you're younger, you've come to the right place. If you're a little older, where the have, you been?

Luckily this guide will sort you straight. 

How To Pop A Wheelie On A Road Bike

Here's a great video by GCN detailing how to get that wheelie going

In Detail:  

The current record for anyone who fancies giving it a go is 16.994km in 1hr. To get to that point just follow the tips below.

​1) Make sure your back break is working well.

2) You can help yourself by adjusting your saddle height to a middle position, this keeps your center of gravity lower and helps with your balance.

3) Make sure that you use a low or easy gear, the lower, the better. Begin at a slow or rolling speed and keep your weight central.

4) Turn your crank and your pedals to a two o'clock position. Push down hard on the pedals and simultaneously pull up on the handlebar. Start off cautiously. You don't want to fly off the back. 

5) As you get more confident, attempt to get closer to the balance point where it takes minimum effort to stay balanced on the rear wheel.

6) Once you've found the balance point, the back break will be your friend. Pull it on full, and it'll bring the wheel back down to the ground.

Secondly by turning the handlebars in the opposite direction. Just make sure you straighten the handlebars when you come back down ​

And there you have it. You've learned wheelie on a road bike in just six simple steps. Easy!