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How Do You Take Out A Link From A Bike Chain? 3 Solutions

Ever wondered how to remove a link from a bike chain?

Well look no further

Here's a guide that will show you everything that you need to know.

There are three different ways to remove a link from a bicycle chain:

1) Removing a ring that is a quick link
2) Removing a ring with a tool 
3) Removing a ring without a tool 

How To Take Out A Quick Link
(Master Link) 

Ok, before we start... 

You'll want to put some slack into the chain to make it easier to extract the link. To do this, simply put the chain on the smallest cog at the back, and the smallest ring at the front.

On a side note I've wrote a review on a KMC chain recently which you can check out - here

Quick Link

Initially what we're looking for is the ring below, and technically you can remove the link without using any tools what so ever. You remove it by pushing the two plates together slightly, and then just slide them apart.

However, they're normally quite stiff, so unless you're the Hulk you'll at least need a pair of pliers.

The ones below are specially made to grip the rounded rollers of the metal and will easily remove it

How To Take Out A Ring WITH A Tool

If there's no quick link you'll have to use a chain tool to remove the ring but don't worry, it's a simple process

  1. Place the tool as demonstrated above
  2. Wind the handle towards the chainring, and you'll see it pushes the pin out.
  3. Done! You'll have successfully removed a it

How To Extract A Ring WITHOUT A Tool.

What if your chain has no quick link and you don't have access to a tool? Well, that's when things get a little more trial and error, but it's still possible.

*Note: This may be difficult to do while the component is still attached to the bike, but where there's a will there's a way!

Tool List:

Nail Punch
Drill (optional)
1/4 (optional)
Piece of 2x4 (optional)

The optional tools are to drill a hole into the wood, but none of that is necessary. You could just wack the chain with the hammer and nail punch until it comes out!

A slightly cruder approach but the result is the same.

So there we have it, how to take out a ring using three different methods. Hope they help you out.