Mustache Handlebars For Your Bike: A Buyers Guide

Mustache Handlebars Bike

This post will look at the best mustache handlebars for your bike. Enjoy 🙂

There are many different handlebar types, each with advantages and disadvantages. They affect the handling, stability and overall reliability of the bike.

A more unusual handlebar available is the mustache handlebar.

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No Time To Read? No Worries, Here's My Top 4

Origin8 Tiki Handlebar

Origin 8 Tiki Handlebar

Price: $
Rise: 60mm
Clamp Size: 26"
Diameter: 515mm 

Nitto Mustache Alloy Bar

Nitto Mustache Alloy bar 25.4mm Clamp

Price: $$$
Rise: N/A
Clamp Size
: 25.4"
Diameter: N/A

Soma 3SPD mustache Bar

Soma 3SPD Moustache Bar, 25.4505mm, Silver

Price: $$
Rise: 60mm
Clamp Size
: 25.4"
Diameter: 505mm

Soma 3-Speed Mustache II 

Soma 3-Speed Moustache II Cruiser Bicycle Handlebar

Price: $$
Rise: N/A
Clamp Size
: 25.4"
Diameter: 505mm

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Mustache Handlebars

The unique looking Mustache Handlebar is arguably more popular today than it has ever been. The impressive forward steep and sideways-mounted road levers make for an unusual appearance.

Grant Petersen designed the Mustache in the early 1990s specifically for Bridgestone XO bicycles. Today a handful of other companies produce their own, though it’s likely that Nitto's bars are most closely related to the original.

How To Set The Gears And Brakes

Watch the great video below by Jon Grinder who talks through the set up that he has for his mustache handlebars 

Hand Positioning 

Below are examples of potential hand positions from Bridgestone Cycles (USA).

trekking handlebars

This is the fastest position to ride on while on smooth roads. The brake hood tips need to be 12 to 13cm apart and set up no higher than horizontal

bicycle handlebar styles

This position is the position if you’re descending steep or bumpy off-road terrain

bicycle handlebars for comfort

Here is the position if you're riding casually and don't need to have as much control over your braking and gears.

Advantages Over Straight Bars​

The main benefit of the mustache over a straight bar is the option of many hand positions. Straight bars need attachments like bar ends to give you more options, and even then they don't put you in a comfortable position.

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If you put your hands straight out in front of you and bring them back slightly your hands don't fall in the position of the straight bar but in the position of the mustache bar.

Disadvantages Over Straight Bars

Due to the unusual shape of the mustache, you're unable to fit as much on them as you could with a straight bar.

Advantages Over DropBars

An advantage of mustache bars over a drop bar is the increased braking power you have when compared to braking on the hoods.

The braking is as good as if you were braking when riding in the drops and you're in a more upright riding position. Being in a more upright position is useful for when you're riding through the city and need to watch out for traffic.

Disadvantage Over DropBars ​

You don't have as many riding positions so on longer rides you won't find these bars as comfortable. 

You also won't be able to get into a low and dynamic riding position like you can with drop bars​. 

upright touring handlebars

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Best Mustache Handlebar For Your Bike: Review Of The Top 2 

Nitto Mustache Alloy Bar

Nitto Mustache Alloy bar 25.4mm Clamp


The Nitto Mustache Alloy Bar is the ultimate traditional mustache and is what people often think of when considering this type of bar.

As there's little rise on the bar, it makes it's easier to ride in the many different positions available to you. However, many people prefer having a rise as it makes the hand position a little more comfortable as well as giving you more control, so this is something that's worth considering.

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There clamp size is 25.4" which is a little smaller than the other bars in this review so make sure you grab a stem that is suitable for them. 


  • Traditional Mustache handlebars. Perfect for bicycle purists
  • You have more riding positions than if the bar had a rise 


  • As with all mustache bars, they're an unusual shape, which makes it difficult to load many things on it.

Origin8 Tiki Handlebars

Origin 8 Tiki Handlebar


The Origin​8 Tiki Handlebars are a great version of the original mustache handlebars by Bridgestone cycles.

With their upright riding position and easy access to the brakes they're must have for urban commuters.

Unlike original mustache bars the Origin8's, have have 60mm drop/rise. A rise is preferred by some people because they like the position that riser bars put their wrists and the way that it affects handling. Here's a video discussing the benefits of a riser bar in more detail. 

They're the widest bars in this review at 515mm, which is great as it gives you more room on the bar. However, having a wider bar may become an issue if you want something that's able to get through tight spaces.​

The clamp size is 26" so make sure your stem fits correctly. Click here for the installation instruction manual.​


  • Option of having a rise/drop on the bar. 
  • Widest bar here which is good for putting more stuff on it.


  • Not an "original" style mustache bar, which may put some cyclists off.


It was a close call but the Nitto bars have been declared the best mustache handlebars for your bike. They're lightweight, offer more hand positions, and they're traditional. 

Nitto Mustache Alloy bar 25.4mm Clamp