Origin 8 Hubs Review (Forumla): Why Are They So Cheap?

Origin 8 Hubs Review

I was recently looking for some new hubs on a bike I'm building, and I saw lots of items by Origin 8. They look good enough, but they're cheap, and there's only a few Origin 8 hubs review online

Origin8 Hub

It would be nice to have someone explain why they cost so little and to see if they're any good. 

In this review that's exactly what I do. Hopefully, it gives you a better idea of whether or not you'd want to buy anything from them in the future.

origin 8 hub specifications

Where Did Origin 8 Come From?

After a bit of digging, I found out that Origin 8 is essentially a big wholesale supplier's (J&B) home brand.

The components are simply rebranded from other suppliers.

For example: 

Their bottom brackets are Token, their hubs are from Formula, and the majority of their pedals are from Wellgo. It takes a bit of research, but you’ll be able to find where most components you’re interested in come from.

Virtually all of these companies are Taiwanese manufacturers, which explains the reasonable price tags.

This means the products are cheap because of their low overheads not because of their low quality.

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Who Should Invest In Origin 8 Hubs?

Origin 8 is an entry level product.

The brand is on par with All City, Soma, Dimension, and pretty much every other entry level component.

If you're looking for top end stuff, you're better off looking at brands such as Phil Wood. If you want a high-end hub, remember you'll also want some high-end wheels to make it worth your while.

So the bottom line is that they're not top end, but they don't suck.

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You're probably wondering what's the real story about their hubs.

Origin 8 Hubs Review - Real Life Experience 

My friend is a bike mechanic and has built up countless bikes with Origin 8 hubs over the years

He's come to the conclusion that they're an excellent deal, run smoothly, and they're pretty much bomb proof. 

Although he prefers Shimano for the rear because Origin 8 uses aluminum on the free hub body and that gets chewed up by the cogs.

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Which Hub Is Right For You?

Getting the correct hub can be a little confusing when you start looking. These guys have put together an excellent guide. It'll tell you everything you need to know and clear up any questions you of have. 

Here's Bike Man For You (if you don't follow him, you should) giving his run down on the Origin 8 brand.

Things You Should Watch Out For 

You might see another companies with very similar hubs to the ones you see from these Origin 8.

Several privately labeled hubs are these in disguise so make sure you keep an eye out of for those.

There is nothing wrong with this, but they might be a little more expensive without the access to customer support.

And a final word my friend had to say about Origin 8 (although not related to hubs):

Never get an Origin 8 frame, they're heavy, horrible and shit.

There you go John. I hope you're happy mate!