Comparing The Yakima Swingdaddy Against The Full Swing: (Key Differences)

If you’re looking to have cycling trips out with family or friends you may soon want to find a good bike rack.

Finding a good rack will allow you to hop into a car or SUV and drive to some good trails or a vacation spot. 

I’ll be comparing two racks from a top brand, the Yakima Swingdaddy vs Full Swing.

If you don't have time to read the full guide then I'd go for the Full Swing. Its auto pin design wins in this comparison.

The most frustrating part of bike racks for me is the installation, and if the installation is made easier then I’m going to use it more.


Full Swing







Hitch Size

2" Hitch 

2" Hitch 

Num Of Bikes

4 Bikes

4 Bikes




Speed Knob






Bottle Opener



Bike Lock



Yakima Swingdaddy

I've talked about Yakima in a previous article, but they are a solid brand that excels at getting you and your gear to wherever you want to go.

They're another business that has connected to the whole cause marketing angle, and have therefore partnered with

Yakima is a company that's over 30 years old and has decent name recognition.

These two racks are very similar but there are a couple of specific differences.

The new tool free speedknob tightening mechanism makes installation easy, although not as easy as the auto pin feature which is used by it's competitor.

For more of an overview of the Swingdaddy check out the video above by Yakima

Full Swing

This will not fit most modern mountain bikes with full suspensions, or child bikes.

For a review of the Yakima FullSwing check out the video above by Etrailer

Buyers Guide

Since some reviewers seem to have had issues with different size bikes fitting on these racks I think that if you're trying to take your family away and have smaller children then these won't be the products for you.

 I also wouldn't risk it if you're a mountain bike cyclist as fitting more than two to the racks seemed problematic in some cases.

They appear to be more geared to your average touring and road bike user. So if you like touring rather than off roading they could be the perfect pick.

Key Features

Auto pin

The auto pin is a feature of the Full Swing bike rack and is absent from the Swingdaddy.

Most bike racks attach to the car using a bolt system, but Yakima has invented an automatic pin. It simply slides and locks into place, and then has an auto release button or handle for when it is being removed. This makes the rack very convenient to detach.

Most people will keep their rack on the car all the time but users of this product have taken to installing and removing it at their leisure.

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Speed Knob

The speed knob is present on both racks. It makes the automatic pin feature really easy to use and speeds up the installation of the traditional bolt method.

It's simply a handle that apparently acts as a built in ratchet, making tightening and loosening the attached bolting system or auto pin a breeze.

Swing system

The swing system is what both these designs are all about. It's designed so that after installing the bike rack it swings out to the side of the car, allowing direct access to the trunk and everything inside. This mechanism works when the bikes are attached and when they are absent.

Only one swing pivot is usually clearly visible, but there are actually two if you look closely. This means it will swing much farther than you first anticipate.

Alternative Solutions

Curt 18064 Bike Rack

If you’re cycling with a family or simply taking kids on holiday then there are alternatives to these Yakima bike racks, and the alternatives do provide for smaller bikes or mountain bikes to be attached. The Curt 18064 is one of these.

The arms of this product do fold down when not in use, but when fully connected to the car it only tilts away from the vehicle rather than swinging away like Yakima.

Having said that, you're buying it primarily because you have kids who want to bike, and the cost is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.

Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding 1-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

This is a bike rack for people who don’t have families who go cycling. It’s for your solo hobbyist or professional. As you would expect, it's the cheapest of all the products I've looked at today because it only has to carry one bike.

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Don't buy this if you're a family man but do buy it if you're thinking of a personal trip anywhere and want your bike along for the convenience.

FullSwing or Swingdaddy?

I think that the Full Swing automatic pin design wins in this comparison.
The most frustrating part of bike racks for me is the installation, and if the installation is made easier then I’m going to use it more.

 I’d therefore definitely take the FullSwing even though it is a slightly heavier rack.